Free Tools

DNUrl - - Very simple tool for testing HTTP-requests/responses such as testing REST-APIs. Takes raw input (including headers) and outputs raw output. Decompresses gzipped responses. Also handles chunked responses. Used frequently as for web application penetration tests and simple .net/powershell-scripts collecting information from REST-APIs.

win10sec - - This tool checks the difference in registry settings between a GPO backup file (gpreport.xml) and current registry settings of a computer.
- Example: win10sec.exe gpreport.xml seceditexport.inf

DotNetJWTEncoder - - If you need to encode JSON Web Tokens with RSA-signing in C# then this is a simple example to check out.

loadnetdll - - Proof-of-concept of how to load a C#-DLL through rundll32. Project created in managed C++.